As I visit cities in order to take photographs and as I have to cover all costs out of my own pocket cost is a big issue for me and up until now my main aim has been to find accommodation at the lowest possible cost but over a period of six years this approach has not been a big success in the case of Belfast city. In general I have been very disappointed by the quality of the hotels and I also found them to be expensive relative Cork or Limerick.

This year, in the case of Belfast, I decided not to worry about cost but I managed to get a very good deal for two nights at the Ramada Encore and in fact I got a better price than what I paid to stay for two nights at the ETAP in May 2014. I should mention that if you go online today to book you will find that the Ramada is almost twice as expensive as the ETAP.

With the exception of the Europa the Ramada Encore is the only hotel in Belfast that I would stay in again as it is the only hotel in the city that I actually liked.

My requirements are simple, I need a base to operate from, I need a room that I can stay in when the weather is bad without going insane, I need to be able to sleep at night and I need a good location plus wi-fi that does not cost a fortune. The Ramada met all these requirements and it also had a proper reception area, a proper eating area and professional and effective staff.

St. Anne’s Square is next door to the Ramada and it features four or five excellent restaurants, I mention this because I did not discover this until the second day of my visit.

I would suggest that staying in any of the “low cost” hotels in Belfast is little more than false economy and that you should give serious consideration to booking the Ramada Encore for your next visit to Belfast. Enjoy your visit.
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