Bank Of Ireland, Royal Avenue, Belfast [Build in 1928

Art Deco Clock, Royal Avenue, Belfast [Built in 1928]

Since the bank closed in 2005, the building has fallen into disrepair. Now derelict. Grade B+ Listed.

When I first visited to photograph the City Of Belfast I got the impression that it was better maintained and had a better economy than Dublin. However, visits have convinced me that my first impression was far from accurate. Upon closer examination I have discovered that there are many signs of urban decal and decline even at the centre of Belfast and it gets much worse as one moves away from the centre.

This attractive Art Deco building finished in Portland Limestone is located on an important corner site in Belfast. This Bank of Ireland branch closes off the long Royal Avenue vista.

The building has three bays along North Street and four bays on Royal Avenue, meeting at a chamfered corner. The corner is capped by a typical Art Deco style tower and clock and features decorative metal panels between the windows. This is my favourite modern building in Belfast and I an not at all happy about its current condition.
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