Stephen’s Green Dublin Photographed By William Murphy


    While the central park of St. Stephen’s Green is one of three ancient commons in the city, its current layout owes much to the restorations of the 1800’s (see History above).

    Some key features:

    (A) Fusilier’s Arch

    (B) O’Donovan Rossa

    (C) O’Connell Bridge

    (D) WolfeTone & Famine Memorial

    (E) Lord Ardilaun

    (F) Markievicz

    (G) Playground

    (H) Bandstand

    (I) 3 Fates

    The grounds are roughly rectangular, measuring (approximately) 550 by 450 metres, and are centred on a formal garden.

    One of the more unusual aspects of the park lies on the north west corner of this central area – a garden for the blind with scented plants, which can withstand handling, and are labelled in Braille.

    Further north again (and spanning much of the length of the park) is a large lake. Home to ducks and other water fowl, the lake is fed by an artificial water fall, spanned by O’Connell bridge, and fronted by an ornamental gazebo. The lakes in the park are fed from the Grand Canal at Portbello.
    To the south side of the main garden circle is more open heath surrounding a bandstand, and often frequented by lunching students, workers and shoppers on Dublin’s sunnier days.

    Other notable features and include:


    • ‘Expression’ or Urban Expression is a Street Photography programme by William Murphy who operates under the name ‘Infomatique’ or ‘White-Cat’. Most kinds of portable camera are used for street photography but William has, over the years, switched from using large heavy DSLR cameras to light Mirrorless Cameras such as the Sony Alpha E-Mount range of cameras.

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