Street Art In Belfast

Street Art In Belfast [May 2015]-104659

If you every get the chance to visit Belfast you will notice notice many colourful political or historical paintings throughout the city, these paintings are commonly known as murals and have come to represent the city’s culture, history and political views.

When I visit Belfast I try to find examples of modern street art rather than murals. However, on this visit I did photograph a small number of murals and I will publish them within the next few days.

Street Art In Belfast

By infomatique on 2015-05-26 20:28:02

expression: ‘Expression’ or Urban Expression is a Street Photography programme by William Murphy who operates under the name ‘Infomatique’ or ‘White-Cat’. Most kinds of portable camera are used for street photography but William has, over the years, switched from using large heavy DSLR cameras to light Mirrorless Cameras such as the Sony Alpha E-Mount range of cameras.

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