Street Art In Drogheda (2011)

Street Art In Drogheda (Ireland)

NOTE: This is an old post dating from 2011. It is now 17 June 2019  and I travel to Limerick tomorrow and on my return I will travel to Drogheda in order to see if there is an interestng street art remaining in the town

By infomatique on 2011-04-18 12:31:06

Over the next few months I plan to visit a number of towns and cities in Ireland.
In May I will visit Belfast, Cork and Limerick.

Today the project kicked off with a visit to Drogheda.

During a visit to any location I check to see if there is any worthwhile street art or graffiti and today I was not disappointed.

According to the locals Drogheda hosts the worlds longest running annual graffiti art event on the undercrofts of the bridge of peace every August.
this event has seen some of the worlds top artists visit the site since the walls were first painted in 1993.

If you are willing to suggest some suitable locations for me to photograph please contact me.

Street Art In Drogheda (2011)


expression: ‘Expression’ or Urban Expression is a Street Photography programme by William Murphy who operates under the name ‘Infomatique’ or ‘White-Cat’. Most kinds of portable camera are used for street photography but William has, over the years, switched from using large heavy DSLR cameras to light Mirrorless Cameras such as the Sony Alpha E-Mount range of cameras.

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