Today I attended the launch of a new product which I will detail below. The organisers had hired a professional photographer and it was impressive to see him in action and I must admit that I did steal some of his shots.

For a long time I have sought a GPS logging solution for my street photography and to date nothing that I have tried has worked. When I saw this watch in action I suddenly realised that I might be able to use it to help me track the locations that I visit while out on a photo-shoot. Before Christmas I will purchase a Liberty Watch for my mother who is 95 but I will borrow it for a week or two to see if it meets my requirements as a GPS logging device and if it does I will let you know.

WatchOver’s Liberty is a Watch, A Phone and an SOS GPS Location device all in one. The Liberty is a small compact all in one device that can be worn by the elderly and the young, giving them freedom, and you and your family peace of mind. The Liberty is a stand alone watch-phone that uses GSM technology for two way communication bypassing the need for the wearer to also carry a mobile phone or any other device.

The Liberty Watch-Phone uses dependable Global Positioning Satellite technology (GPS) together with GSM and Wi-Fi for enhanced location accuracy.

Features include real-time tracking, SOS Emergency Alarm, Two Way Voice Communication with no roaming charges*, Safe Zones, Location History, Safety Monitoring and Alert Messaging, all in a Small, Smart, Splash-proof Watch, that can be managed through an App on your smartphone or tablet and,of course, it also tells the time.