Sinclairs Department Store, Royal Avenue, Belfast [Completed 1935]

Department Store Completed 1935

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Sinclairs Department Store, Royal Avenue, Belfast

During the troubles, the main shopping area around Royal Avenue was pedestrianised with security gates to prevent car-bombs. Sinclair’s was attacked on 12 July 1971 with an explosive device. As a consequence of the troubles, trade was much reduced, and the store closed in 1972. Grade B+ Listed.

The former Sinclair’s department store, at the corner of Royal Avenue and (lower) North Street was completed in 1926 to a design by James Scott, architect and civil engineer. The present Art Deco facade was added in 1935. In 1918 (eight years before its completion) there were branches of the “Sinclair’s” business at 77,81,85, 87, 89, 91, 93, 97 and 103 Royal Avenue.

Now known as Sinclair House with an address of 89/101 Royal Avenue across the road from the Bank Of Ireland Art Deco building.