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MARCH 2005

Proposals for the restoration of Limerick's Park Canal have been submitted to Limerick City Council to restore the canal for use as a leisure amenity area.

In its heyday the canal was the commercial link to Dublin and Guinness was one of the biggest users.

The restoration of the Park Canal is a collaborative project, administered by Limerick City Council and Shannon Development. John Breen, director of services at Limerick City Council, said: "The aim of the project is to make the Park Canal a more attractive area for visitors and residents. We want them to enjoy it as a leisure area, and we feel it will provide a wonderful amenity for the general public in Limerick area, and also for those 3,000 people who work at the National Technology Park and the University of Limerick campus."

Mr Breen said: "Work will involve dredging the canal as necessary and restoring lock gates at Park Bridge. The existing pedestrian paths along the length of the southern bank of the canal will be resurfaced and an improved path will be provided for cyclists to enjoy the ambience of the canal. Special platforms will be erected on the northern bank for use by fishing enthusiasts. Street furniture and lighting will be added along the canal.

Mr Breen said it will create a link between the medieval city and the university city and act as a catalyst for residential, commercial, leisure and tourist related developments.