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The Guinness Bridge is a bridge in Limerick, Ireland.

The Guinness Bridge is located twenty minutes from the Thomond Village in Limerick or you can go to the Living Bridge in the University of Limerick and take the walk around the river Shannon. The milestone showing the distance to Limerick and Killaoe is still there and nearby there is the ruins of on old castle.

The footbridge was built in 1996 over the canal in Limerick. There was an debate over naming the bridge as many people wanted to name it after a local historian called Kevin Hannon and others requested it to be named after the Guinness Company who used the canal for transport of there stock until it was closed for trade in the 1960's.

In the end it was decided the it would be labeled The Guinness Bridge as Guinness began sending their porter to Limerick by canal, bypassing the local breweries. This was said to have an effect in the taste of the Guinnesss.

In 1860, the bell for St John's cathedral was brought to Limerick,from Dublin by barge. Pieces of the organ for St Mary's cathedral where brought by this route also.

On the 1st January 1960, the canal was closed as a commercial route.

Charles Wye Williams, Limerick Navigation Company,Directors General of Inland Navigation and Shannon Commissioners where all involved in creating the navigation on the canal.