Street Photography By William Murphy


Sinn Fein’s first office in Limerick city is at The Tholsel, a rented building in Mary Street.

The Tholsel in Limerick was located in Mary Street in the old Englishtown district of the city. It served as the headquarters of Limerick Corporation until it moved to the Exchange building on Nicholas Street. It was demolished in the early 20th Century after it fell into dereliction.

The term Tholsel refers to extant and former public buildings in Ireland's towns and cities.

The actual meaning of the word is uncertain. Buildings described as, or called, a Tholsel have been used as a town hall, a courthouse, a town gate, a prison, a market house, a council chamber, a customs house, a guild hall, and a place where tolls were collected.

The Tholsel building in Dublin was a late medieval building, erected as a merchants' hall at the corner of Nicholas St. and Christ Church place, next to the Church of St. Nicholas Within.In the late 15th century, it was the home of the first mechanical public clock in Ireland. In the late eighteenth century, the Dublin Tholsel was used as a courthouse, being notable as the location where many Irish people, convicted of crimes, were sentenced to be transported to exile in Australia. It was demolished in 1820. There was also a Tholsel at Galway from 1639–1822.